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PlaySimple scaled its Game Analytics on Amazon Redshift

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Since its founding in 2014, PlaySimple has built a network of educational games with superior design that have garnered more than 50 million downloads.

In this virtual session, experts from PlaySimple will discuss how they handle analytics with billions of data points everyday, the different ways of designing data pipelines with varied data sources and best practices for storing, loading, and transforming large amounts of data with Amazon Redshift, among others.



Preeti Reddy

Co-Founder, PlaySimple Games


Siddhanth Jain

Co-Founder, PlaySimple Games


Sumir Kumar

Solutions Architect, AISPL

Key Takeaways

  • How to design data pipelines for transactional sources and for high-volume events data

  • How PlaySimple handled large amounts of data while keeping costs and performance under control.

  • Know the best practices for loading and transforming data on Redshift.

  • How to tune Amazon Redshift for performance and cost-optimization with multiple workloads on the same cluster.

  • Know the pros and cons of ETL and ELT approaches to data transformation.

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