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How Recko used a no-code Data Warehouse for Finance Teams

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Finance teams of high-growth digital consumer businesses are constantly grappling with the exponential growth in transaction volumes, and the complexity of payment flows and systems. Recko’s system helps such teams manage these volumes by leveraging the power of AWS to validate and ingest millions of rows of complex transactional data in a matter of hours, and complete reconciliation processes in minutes.

In this virtual session, know how Recko’s system helps automate financial controls, carry out a diagnosis, plug gaps in cash flows, provide data governance and audit trails that help preserve the life-cycle of each transaction, and maintain high information security standards at all times.



Prashant Borde

Co-founder and CTO, Recko


Sumir Kumar

Solutions Architect, AISPL

Key Takeaways

  • How to configure your solution for scalability with AWS.

  • Know the benefits of data warehousing with Amazon Redshift.

  • Get insights on Amazon EMR’s data transformation features.

  • Know how to harness Amazon S3 as a data lake, and Amazon Aurora for scaling read load.

  • How to maintain high information security standards using AWS Marketplace and AWS Cloud Formation.

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