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Crio's Product & Technology Reflections based on their journey so far

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Technology is transforming every industry, and quality developers are going to be the driving force behind that change. However, existing ways of learning and developing expertise on these technologies through video-based learning and traditional universities are not making the cut.

Crio.Do believes in empowering developers to nurture their talent with a unique experiential learning platform that leverages data, deep tech, and learning sciences to emulate the work environment. The platform also provides a work-like experience with real projects, a fully-provisioned cloud workspace, automated assessment and feedback, and personalized nudges.

In this virtual session, the Crio.Do team will reflect on the tradeoffs and the choices that it made during its early stage product building phase and the hits and misses of its journey from a technology and product standpoint.



Sridher Jeyachandran

Co-Founder, Crio.Do


Amit Bharti

Product & Design, Crio.Do


Sumir Kumar

Solutions Architect, AISPL

Key Takeaways

  • Knowing the right time for DevOps investment.

  • How to make the right tech stack choices.

  • Know how to manage tech productivity in small teams.

  • How to think about prioritising user experience vs capabilities.

  • Tips on guiding the design focus at all stages of product development.

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